Record Player – Free Your Mind

Side A:

Free Your Mind

Side B:

Your Fantasy (Previously Unreleased)

Produced by Record Player. Songs of Lastrada BMI / Deeply Sliced Publishing BMI.

Recorded in 1979 at Kingsmill Studio, Columbus, Ohio.

“Free Your Mind” originally released in 1979 on Gem City Records 101, Dayton, Ohio. “Your Fantasy” previously unreleased.

Put a verifiable deep funk/disco classic and a previously unreleased song from the superb Dayton, Ohio group Record Player on one 12″ and watch soul and funk fans both rejoice.

“Free Your Mind,” released in 1980 as the A-side of a 45 on the tiny, band-funded GCR label, has been salivated over since Keb Darge first compiled the song on his Deep Funk Vol. 3 nearly ten years ago. Only a handful of the records have ever turned up. For its sixth release, Soul-Cal proudly paired Record Player’s original A-side and the unreleased “Your Fantasy” on the flip.

The heavy disco thump of “Free Your Mind” is bolstered by thick, rolling bass lines, but the song stands out because of vocalist Charles Jackson’s stellar wailing. “Your Fantasy,” another up-tempo barnburner, showcases the super-tight Record Player horn section. Another solid entry in the Ohio deep funk archives.